smart girls shine like laser light

Miss BG has announced that she wishes to wear underpants. This is in stark contrast to her brother who was resolute in his determination not to wear undies because that would mean using the toilet. While that is a plus, her enthusiasm is not matched by her aim. I am thankful for wooden floors at the moment 🙂

I’m also glad to know that my use of Google from its beginnings has not made me stupid. But it is very hard not to google something when it has escaped your mind. However, considering just how much information there is out there, can we really hold it all in our heads without blowing a circuit? And there is only so much useless information my head can hold…

Another day, another book about librarians– this one looks interesting…

I do feel sorry for Leslie Cannold, not being able to find a quiet space in the State Library of Victoria. I mean- it’s so big, with 10 reading rooms, 4 galleries and a cafeteria Mr Tulk (which does a fine coffee and yummy lemon tarts), that you would think there would be at least one quiet place. But it’s a busy place, with over a million of visitors annually who go there to study, research, visit the exhibitions, and just hang out. It’s a library with a buzz, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

Friday tomorrow and lunch with a mate- can’t wait!


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