The washing in the dryer goes round and round

I had to do some last minute washing before we leave tomorrow, which meant heading to the laundromat to get it all dried. The laundromat has the local paper and the latest gossip mags, so it wasn’t too bad waiting…

It was also the first chance I had been able to be by myself all day. The next few weeks will be tiring, having to be switched on, alert and in mum mode at all times- not my natural settings :).

The excitement levels are rising, but I have been rushing around getting stuff done, like cleaning the house, hosting inlaws for a little birthday celebration for nearly-3 Miss BG, paying bills and filling prescriptions that I haven’t had time to started bubbling with excitement.

I started packing today, which has helped making it all real. This time I’m packing for three rather than one, as well as trying to reduce Mr BG’s penchant for overpacking. The minute I turn my back, I am sure he is going to sneak in an extra tshirt…

Bag Lady

My work bag. What gets moved from this into my weekend bag are keys, camera and purse. I’ll take my iPod to the gym, but it lives in this bag. Other stuff like tissues, spare shopping bag and an emergency lippy are in my weekend bag. I took this with my phone camera as it’s easier to upload. The Flickr version of this photo has notes on it, which explains the story of the contents in more detail. And if you’re wondering, yes there are 6 lipsticks…

My work bag is a very nice handbag, and was a gift from my godmother. Rather than save it for a special occasion (ie never), I use it for the two days I work in paid employment. That makes going to work all that more pleasurable, and makes me feel like I’m all grown up with a serious bag. My other/weekend bag is more casual, one that I can sling bandolier style around my shoulder to have hands free for kid wrangling.

I am not by nature an organised person, but I have found that being organised can make my life and my family’s life easier. That means on the days before I go to work making sure the kid’s clothes are laid out the night before I go to work so Mr BG can dress the kids easily, trying to have a meal prepared to be heated up, as well as deciding what to wear myself the night before and having it in the bathroom. That is probably the extent of my organisation- you should see the state of my dining table (actually better not…).


The Fairies came to Ballarat, and the little BGs and I went. To be honest I prefer The Wiggles as there’s a lot less pink, but the songs were catchy (I realised I knew quite a few through osmosis), the little girls in the audience enjoyed themselves and Miss BG was beside herself withe enjoyment.

It was so hard to capture the joy and pure abandonment on her face, mainly because it was so fun just watching her dance along with Harmony and Rhapsody. I would say the most enjoyable part of the concert was her reaction to the whole event.

Master BG was somewhat more relaxed about the whole thing (or bored), but the reason could be was that there were a couple of girls a few seats away that he knew and he didn’t want to embarass himself.

Careful or Lucky

Two cyclistsTwo cyclists working out who was paying for coffee at the Fitz cafe in Brunswick Street this morning. As they were leaving the waitress called out “Be careful!”. One replied”We’re always careful. Or lucky. Or a bit of both!” as he headed out the door.

My phone camera did not justice to the colours of the jerseys, but it was great to see two gentlemen keeping active on their bikes.

We stayed the night in Fitzroy after going to a friend’s birthday. Breakfast was planned to be combined with shopping, but we had to be contented with window shopping as most of the establishments were opening at 11am. Never mind. I plan on returning sometime in the near future…

1st Scarf

I made a scarf for Master BG with some acrylic yarn in green, his favourite colour. I need to work on the tension, as the scarf tends to twist about, but I’m happy I finished it!

Master BG loves the colour, but it is usually around his neck for about three seconds when outside as it’s too constricting around his neck, too scratchy (I know the feeling as a kid about that), or it simply gets in the way.

I feel with each project I finish, my confidence grows in the knowledge I can accomplish something. I’ll never be the greatest knitter or crocheter, but it whiles away the evenings when the kids are in bed, or keeps me busy on the train in the morning. You can stare at a computer for only too long…