Mother’s little helper

I’m turning into my mother.

I picked up a packet of loose-leaf tea by mistake at the supermarket a couple of weeks ago, and rather than go through the rigamarole of exchanging, I have started having a pot of tea every couple of days.

Mum and Dad would start their day with a pot of tea with their breakfast. It’s a ritual they had within their families in Ireland. When I would stay with my aunt when over there, there was always a pot of tea at breakfast time, to accompany the Ulster fry of bacon, eggs, and an assortment of fried breads.

I’m not there yet, but I’m warming to the idea- of the tea, not the daily Ulster fry (I like my arteries unclogged!). I love the ritual of warming the pot, and letting the tea draw, while I get out a tea cup and saucer. Rather than gulping it down on the run, it’s nice to sit down and savour the delicate flavours; in fact it’s a great time to savour the early morning stillness and the promise of the day.

My mum also wakes up early for a cigarette, something which I have never done. My addictive personality leans more toward chocolate and endless games of computer solitaire đŸ™‚

One thing she has passed on to me is a love of lipstick. Mum has always maintained a woman is not quite fully dressed without lipstick, and will not leave the house without it carefully applied. In every handbag I use regularly, I have a lipstick, just in case. They’re all pretty much the same shade, a deep red.

I find it very hard not to buy a lipstick when Avon comes calling, and I am always on the search for the perfect shade. An elusive quest, and one which I intend on pursuing for many years to come. It’s up there with the quests for the perfect hot chocolate, the perfect Gin and Tonic, and the perfect bra (the balance between comfort, fit and looking incredibly hot).


4 thoughts on “Mother’s little helper

  1. all so true love – you have so encapsulated my favourite part of the day – the morning before the day starts. I love the peace and quiet and the possibility. Unfortunately tomorrow is an early start with kids drop off and an early meeting on my day off, but it kind of makes me appreciate the other mornings. xx

  2. I love my pot of tea in the morning- loose tea- pot- two large cups! It is a ritual and one I love (the coffee comes later in the morning). If my husband and I arrive home from work around the same time- again- a pot of tea and a catchup on the day.
    Ritual= sometimes very simple things.
    Teabags just don’t have the same flavour. K

  3. All I’ve ever known is loose leaf tea. Dad has so many cups a day and it is such a production each time. LOL Can you tell I just would loveeeeeeeee it when he would say “Nell… kettle on” ALL THE TIME!!

    This is so crazy but even when they came over here I had specially ordered his Dilmah tea so I had it ready for them and they packed their little teapot and I had to find a kettle here – they are not common!!! LOL When they walked in the door after the 25 hours of travel the first thing was “put the kettle on!!” LMAOOOO He even would have tea in his bottle when he was a baby back in the day!!! It is that intense. Which is strange because I don’t drink tea or coffee.

    Definitely a ritual – yay to loose leaf!!!!!!

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