#amonthinthelife- Day 20

There are days when you are constantly playing catch up and this was one of them. My afternoon of unwellness meant catching up from the day before at work, and with a beautiful sunny day today, it was also a chance to catch up with the washing.

It never ends does it?

#amonthinthelife- Day 16

Today I could have posted of our morning in Daylesford, with coffee, Dutch pancakes, market-bought honey and eggs. However Miss BG decided to place her apple juice in my bag for safekeeping and neglected to secure the top properly. My time at the market was then spent emptying out my bag of apple juice rather than taking photos of people and their dogs, and their caravans…a lot of caravans on the road today!

So instead it’s a photo of a very familiar place to me- the laundromat, with 3 loads of washing which will not get dry on a weekend with intermittent showers. Winter is coming…

Going nude

I went nude last week, as did Mr BG and this week, it was the kid’s turn.

Well, it felt as if I were nude šŸ™‚

After at least 4 months of winter (Ballarat do have long winters) I ventured outside last week WITHOUT A COAT.* I haven’t worn boots for about a week! Spring has sprung and it feels great. You feel quite naked the first time without that protective layer, but then it becomes tremendously liberating. Little things like no coats, little buds on trees and the ability to put your washing out on a line and bring it in dry are huge deals after you have lived through a winter here!

As for the kids, well it wasn’t so much them, as their food that went nude. I ran out of glad wrap and popped their cheese and ham rolls into their lunchboxes wrapperless. The feedback from the kids (it’s important to obtain regular feedback in order to satisfy your user’s needs says my inner user-experience guru)Ā  was

“It was good- the teachers have been talking about nude food and this is what I’d like to do- can you take the Tiny Teddies out of their packets and put them in the lunchbox?” (Master BG)

My response” Then the wrapping is at home- what about other biscuits?”

“You could make ANZAC biscuits!”(Miss BG)

And that is how I ended up baking after work a batch of ANZACs that will hopefully last until tomorrow, because everyone snaffles them up…

Believing in Fairies

I used to believe in fairies when I was a little girl, and was an inveterate reader of all types of fairy tales. When I was eight, we went away on holidays down to Koroit, near Warrnambool. I was convinced there were fairies in the huge garden of the old house in which we stayed.

I wish they did exist! One night on Twitter, I was discussing with a couple of lovely ladies the possibility of fairies visiting our house. A cleaning fairy, a laundry fairy, and a cooking fairy would be nice. Just imagine coming home from work to have dinner cooking on the stove, the breakfast dishes washed, a clean bathroom, a tidy house and clothes washed, dried, folded and put away. Imagine a dining table polished and not awash with laundry, bills, homework and books. Imagine floors vacuumed and washed, beds made and benches clutter-free. Imagine a fridge stocked with milk and bread and a full pantry. Imagine all of this done by fairies… and not you.

Well, it happens sometimes. I have dinner cooked by Mr BG when I come home from work, he irons, and is a dab hand at the vacuuming. The kids are beginning to tidy up their rooms, and Miss BG loves helping cook dinner, bringing over a little chair to help with the stirring. I also have wonderful neighbours who will take the kids at the drop of a hat, and who will mow our nature strip for us. The laundry may get pegged out if I ask…

Maybe if I keep wishing hard enough, the fairies might come…

Washing line philosopher

My 'room of one's own'

I will often do most of my thinking at the washing line when I am hanging out wet clothes towels and sheets. The washing line is located at the end of the garden hidden behind a row of silver birches and a vine-covered trellis. Actually, it’s quite secluded and idyllic and were it not for the fact that I have nowhere else to put my washing, it would be a lovely summer nook with a comfy bench and table. It’s away from the hubbub of the household and the children rarely venture down to tell me things of EXTREME IMPORTANCE when I am down there (they usually wait until I am busy in the bathroom to do that…)

These are a couple of the things I have thought about this week. As I only spend up to 10 minutes at a time, thoughts can be short and somewhat fleeting…

1.Google does not make you an expert

Ostensibly the article is about vaccination, but really about the way in which Google has made everyone an expert on everything. There is information which Google can’t access, but it’s not as easy to access nor search. As a result, you get people with just enough knowledge from ‘research’ to make them dangerous. There is also the ‘Filter Bubble’ effect in which Google personalises search results through its alogrithms to allow you to see information it thinks you WANT to see. Unfortunately the information you NEED to see may not appear.

3. Pinterest– I’m sorry, I don’t quite get you. It’s a bit like the whole Twilight phenomenon, where you see perfectly sane and intelligent women go gaga over a bunch of vampires, except this time it’s over pretty pictures. I like you, but I don’t understand you. Do I need to spend a lot of my time looking and pinning? Do I need to follow a lot of boards? Do I need to have peopleĀ  follow me? I know looking at visual social networks can be highly addictive- I have easily spent hours on Tumblr before I went cold turkey…

4. How can I like aprons with their retro charm, yet detest the ubiquity of the Playboy logo seen on underpants and gym equipment? Both symbolise elements of a women’s subservience (the apron sybolising a confinement to a domestic environment, the bunny, a label of sexual objectification), and as a feminist shouldn’t I be fighting for the right not to wear an apron and hanging out this fucking laundry? But I really hate the way my husband hangs it out (sorry, love I do), and who else will?

5. I want a cleaner. And a nanny to pick up the kids after school and bring them home, rather than putting them into after school care, when Miss BG starts school. Perhaps Tony Abbott does say the occasional right thing…OMG, I AGREED WITH TONY ABBOTT- I need a drink…

6. Could I write full-time? I wouldn’t be able to afford the cleaner and nanny, but then I’d be at home…I don’t think there would be a lot of things we could no longer afford…

7. Can a happy marriage fail? Could I write a story about that without raining all types of karma upon me?

8. What am I going to do with the chicken for dinner tonight?


My 10 ultimate fantasies

There are times when if you’re feeling flat and tired, and wishing for the never-ending winter to end, that you start to fantasise. They can be incredibly ordinary or extraordinary, depending on my mood at the time :).

1. Coming home to a clean house with well-behaved children greeting me at the door and sitting down to a cooked meal that has been lovingly prepared by Mr BG. After dinner I read quietly to the kids while Mr BG does the dishes and cleans up the kitchen and dining room. The children get ready for bed, go to bed and then stay in bed. I have a long bath which never seems to go cold, hop into my pyjamas and watch Doctor Who on the TV (it’s my fantasy) with Mr BG…

2. Eating dark chocolate and never putting on weight- actually eating any kind of chocolate and never putting on weight…

3. Eating fresh bread and never putting on weight or feeling like I’m expanding like the Michelin Man.

4. Having the ability to spring out of bed when the alarm goes off early in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to hit the gym. (Sorry, I’m laughing as I type this, because I know this’ll NEVER happen).

5. Having the ability to drink my requisite 8 glasses a day without feeling all sloshy inside.

6. Having a laundry and cleaning fairy who does the laundry, vacuums, dusts and tidies everything away, but yet I am still able to locate what I need.

7. Going to Paris to live in a cute little apartment, all by myself (I call this my Amelie fantasy- which also involves zipping around the streets of Paris on a Vespa)

8. David Tennant.

9. Sean Connery, circa Doctor No.

10. Sleep (I also laugh as I type this, as I am never going to get enough!)

What are your fantasies, if I may be bold as to ask?

L is for…


Miss BG celebrated her 3rd birthday in London. The day of her birthday, we hoppedĀ  on a double-decker bus (no.43 for those bus spotters) sat on the top, and went to London Bridge. It was way before 10am and hardly any of the shops were open.

We drove through the City, which was quite deserted by normal standards, past the Bank of England and ended up at London Bridge, which wasn’t falling down.

We then strolled along the south side of the bank to Tower Bridge,Ā  and saw the Tower of London from across the Thames.

We looked for the Traitor’s Gate, but it appeared to have been bricked up. We walked over Tower Bridge, before catching the Tube back home. Not before soaking up some sun, something we had sorely missed after a long Ballarat winter.

We did lots of things in London, but it was nice just to go for a walk in one of the most exciting cities in the world. In the sun.


Not even on holidays could I get away with not doing it. We were lucky in that wherever we went, there was access to a washing machine and in a couple of places, a washer-dryer (I so need to get out more if I get excited by household appliances :))

I was suddenly hit with an epiphany at my auntie Moya’s house. She was showing me how to use the machine and pointed to some instructions written above the machine. “I put them up there for P (ex-husband) so he knew how to put a wash on. But he never did, the….” I squirmed slightly.

Since we got a new front-loader (2 years ago), I was the only one who had put a wash on. My daughter knows more about the washing machine than her father does.

It’s an understandable situation. I’m home during the day, working part-time. I am, in part, to blame. However, after that remark from Moya, I thought it was a situation which had prevailed for longer than necessary, particularly when it was supposed to be a holiday for everyone.

Let’s just say the situation has been rectified to some extent since arriving back home, and it’s going well.