Frock Friday 17/31 #Frocktober

Happy Frock Friday!

I was heading to Fiji for my sister’s wedding, and I had 3 hours to kill at Sydney Airport. I wandered into the French Connection shop and found this frock.

It buttons down to the waist, has pockets (yes!) and the skirt is lined. With a cotton fabric, this frock was fantastic¬†for my four days in Fiji. I’ll be taking it with me for another work trip next week to warmer climes. Given the dark fabric fabric, it also works well with tights and ankle boots too.

I also took it with me to New York and San Francisco on May/June this year. I would rather wear a frock on a hot day than a pair of shorts when travelling :).

May your weekend be lovely and please don’t forget to donate.

Frocking up, and faux frocks #Frocktober 11-16/31

A catch up post for you all dear readers. I have been somewhat remiss in posting, but still plugging away with Frocktober!

I went out on the town in Saturday with my BRFs- my fabulous running friends. We ate out at a local Spanish restaurant, then to a Burlesque performance as part of the Ballarat Cabaret Festival. The night finished with dancing in a disreputable establishment and I rolled in the door at 1.30.

I looked fabulous in my frock, but sadly the only photo I have of the evening is here.

Sunday was spent soaking up the sun in a skirt- the kids were too busy playing with their friends to pap me. I tend to think of a skirt as a faux frock- it’s cheating a little, but I do miss tops!

I headed off to Sydney for work- dressing for Ballarat and Sydney is a challenge to say the least :). I went from 6 degrees to 25. My black tights looked very much out of place amongst the bare legs of Sydney.

Tuesday was cooler and I could get away with tights!

You have already seen these two dresses, so I didn’t feel like taking another photo. I am not particularly comfortable with having my photo taken, unlike my lovely daughter who revels in it! I much prefer to take photos of where I am like the view from my desk in North Sydney

Or where I went for a morning walk.

A skirt for Wednesday, and a dress already viewed today. It’s a nice shift dress which works well with a jacket and boots (knee-length or ankle) and it’s my power frock. Great for speaking in a teleconference to staff at all the campuses today!


Anyway- I thank everyone for their likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram. What has been lovely is checking out what everyone else is wearing! It feels wonderful being part of this challenge with a group of fabulous women.

Please donate as well.

Frock Friday #Frocktober 10/31

I wore this dress at the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza to MoMA and the Guggenheim on a magical day in June, a walk through the gardens of the Pitti Palace in May 2012, and on Friday morning to work. It’s my go to dress for when I wish to feel fabulous.

Red is my safe colour, the one in which I feel most comfortable.

But do you know what the best thing is about this dress? It has POCKETS! That’s what I love about this dress :).

I am having a ball with Frocktober and even more so, we are all raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you to all the lovely people who have donated so far to Steph’s Frocktober and have donated to all the other Frocktoberians.

The torture of tights #Frocktober 8-9/31

It’s only the first week of Frocktober and I am beginning to realise what a challenge it is. It’s not the frock itself, but what you have to wear with it. Tights.

Ballarat is not really a frock friendly town in October. The changeable spring weather often has me yearning for trousers, pants, jeans- anything but a skirt and dress. It’s not that I am getting sick of dresses, but the wearing of tights- usually black, opaque and thick.

I shudder at the thought of women of yesteryear having to brave the Ballarat winter in nothing but nylons. Clearly these were the same women who raised children who think nothing of going to school in shorts in August and oh look! It’s snowing!

No snow Wednesday or Thursday thankfully- you will have noticed I have moved out of the bathroom and bedroom and onto our front verandah. My photographer is Master BG.

My Wednesday dress is a green frock from Paul Dane- I was window shopping in Sydney and saw it, then bought it online when I got home. It looks really good with tights and my ankle boots. There’s a lovely simplicity to its structure and I love the colour!

Oh hello, I say as I went hunting for my frock this morning. An old friend from Edinburgh, which I bought while on our long holiday in 2012. My accessories this morning were yet another black cardigan from my collection from Quick Brown Fox in Melbourne, black footless tights (in honour of the sun) and a lovely pair of blue flat shoes I bought in the US in May this year.

Tried and True Tuesday #Frocktober 7/31

There is nothing like the versatility of a Little Black Dress.

There have been quite a few LBDs in my wardrobe over the years, and this one is great! It’s a Target dress, and was about $40 when I bought it, and made of that ponte fabric. You can throw it into the washing machine, hang it out to dry and with a quick iron, it’s as good as new. I have a skirt and jacket n the same fabric and they’re great.

This jacket was one I picked up for $20 at a vintage market a few years ago. I love the simplicity of the tailoring and the colour, and it goes with a few things in my wardrobe.

I am getting quite tired of taking my photo in the bathroom mirror, will promise to be elsewhere tomorrow for Frocktober!


A Flurry of Frocks! #Frocktober4-6/31

A busy weekend to pick up the little BGs from their cousin’s place in Gippsland and a family lunch in Geelong has been a bit of a whirlwind. I must admit I did look longingly at my jeans as I packed an overnight bag, but opted instead for a skirt.

I know. That’s still cheating, but I have resolved that for every day I don’t wear a frock, I will be forking out $20 for the snafu privilege. So far I am up to 2 days so I will be donating $40 so far.

Speaking of donations, thank you very much for everyone who has donated to the Frocktober Cause. Thank you to Pete, Cathy, Anne, Tania and my brother Andrew for being so generous.

And now onto the frocks…

My Saturday dress is one of my favourite colours, a red linen from Ezibuy, with a black cardie over the top. A black cardie is a staple in my wardrobe and I have a rotation of them :).  It was also warm enough not to wear tights! My legs had that lovely neon white quality that comes from a winter being encased in tights and an Irish heritage.

My Sunday outfit was taken at my niece’s Kate’s house and is a skirt I picked up second hand from Ebay ages ago. It’s one of my favourite skirts, and it’s been taken overseas a number of times.

Back at work for Monday- it was a mad scramble to get out of the house and my photographers were either still brushing their hair or packing their bags for school. My dress is an opshop number (Target) and the cardigan is also a thrifted number from Melbourne. Back in tights- it’s a grey old day and threatening to rain.

Frock Friday! #Frocktober 3/31

There isn’t a better way to celebrate Frocktober with a Frock Friday, and even better if it is also a Flex Friday :).

So far, I have gone out for a bike ride, gone for a swim, washed the car and done some laundry. I am about to head out to do some shopping, which may involve some opshops along the way…

I will be honest, I haven’t done it all in a frock, but I did head to the swimming pool with my bathers under the dress I am wearing today.

My dress is from Gap, another sleeveless dress, which is lined and works surprisingly well with tights. My black cardigan is from Portmans, bought when Master BG was in utero. My teapot brooch is one of my favourites, bought from a lovely local shop Bok Bok B’Gerk.

Tonight is my last child-free night- Mr BG and myself are heading out again to sample more of Ballarat’s culinary delights. Last night was Vietnamese, and tonight is The Mallow,known for its fine selection of craft beers on tap and its gastropub menu.