Dry July 2021 #blogdown

I decided a couple of months ago to participate in Dry July, an event which commits a person to live alcohol-free for a month to raise funds for cancer charities. My rationale was that, if I’m in recovery from an operation, and unable to mix alcohol with medication, I may as well do something worthwhile with that time!

And then a snap 5 day hard lockdown was announced and my first instinct was to reach for a drink (my second instinct was to eat bread- I am addicted to carbs of the TipTop variety). I didn’t touch the drink, but it made me think about how stressful situations such as lockdowns trigger a visceral reaction to drink or to stress eat.

I drank more than usual in the first lockdowns last year. Even as an introvert I did not mind the stay at home, but the daily news, and the necessity of the lockdown made it easy to have a wine, or a gin and tonic at the end of the day. Coupled with the sourdough craze and my daughter’s discovery of stress baking, I gained weight, which has now begun to come off (huzzah!). Needless to say, I did not participate in Dry July last year 🙂

If you can spare a few dollars, please donate to my page. Funds will go to the Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre.

PS I am not an expert in sobriety, but if you wish to know more, please check out Jill Stark. She is on Instagram and has written extensively about her sobriety and mental health.

In vino veritas

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