See into the trees, find the girl while you can

It’s the first official day of winter. Mind you, having lived for the past five years in a very chilly part of regional Victoria (yes! Ballarat! how did you guess?), the difference between yesterday and today was merely a state of mind. The leaves have fallen off the trees, it’s dark in the morning and evening and there’s a chill which you can’t shake off.
Winter is also the smell of woodsmoke in the air, rugging up in hats, scarves, boots and coats (I am somewhat of an accessory junkie :)), drinking heaps of hot chocolate and The Cure.
I got into them via an ex-boyfriend of my sister, when I was at uni. Later, when I was completing my library graduate diploma, I would listen to them ad nauseum in my car as I travelled from home to uni. I lived an hour away and all I had in my car was a radio which played 1 FM station and a tape player. Standing on a beach got a hiding.  I always associate them with long trips on dark overcast days, with trees by the side of the road whooshing by…

My favourite albums would be Disintegration, followed by Wish- my sister put on Friday I’m in Love for me on my wedding day. There is still nothing I love more though than listening to the guitar in The Forest and its final bass notes in my car on a dark cold Ballarat day.