Run Ballarat the evidence!

post race bookgrrl

Thanks to people’s generosity and innate voyeurism, I have raised $140 (so far) for the children’s ward at the Ballarat hospital! Here’s the red-faced proof, and evidence that the sun also does shine in Ballarat :).

In my last post, I forgot to mention someone who has also been very supportive. He gets woken up when I roll out of bed to go for an early morning run, looked after the kids when I went running yesterday (though how we managed to miss each other at the finish line is mind-boggling), and looked after the kids while I took a rest in bed post-race. Thank you Mr BG. xxx

Please don’t be shy and donate– every little bit of money helps

Run Ballarat

Today I ran in the inaugural Run Ballarat, which was held to raise funds for the children’s ward at the Ballarat Hospital. Miss BG has visited as a day patient for her ears, and the staff and place are fantastic!

My legs are sore and stiff, my ankles hurt and my lower back aches, but it was my first fun run in nearly 18 months, in which I ran 11km, without stopping to walk. The feeling as I crossed the finish line in just under 1.17 was a combination of jubilation and exhaustion :). My neighbour Robyn took a photo of me, post fun run but I haven’t seen it- no doubt looking red-faced and relieved it’s over.

The route took in the best of central Ballarat, and the Lake. The killer was heading up the hill on Sturt Street,and the slight incline on Lydiard and Mair Street. Yet I came through and didn’t stop. I didn’t think I had it in me, but I am glad I had people like Robyn who ran with me, and Tim, my running partner and mate who believed in me.

It was strange to see the streets quiet and devoid of cars, but so inspiring to see the runners ahead and later the walkers coming in to the grounds of the City Oval. There were over 4000 registrations , and combined with families and supporters cheering people on, it felt like a sizeable chunk of Ballarat had gotten out of bed early on a Sunday morning to run for a good cause.

Speaking of which- I have a fundraising page for the event. If you could donate to helping little kids get better, I’d appreciate it. If I get more than $50 I’ll even post my post race picture on my blog :).



Getting back into the groove

It’s been just over four weeks since we arrived back home! We’re still looking at the photos, but everyday life and winter has tried to do their best in bringing us back to earth with a thud. There have been some special moments over the past week or so that are just begging to be shared 🙂 .

Master BG participated in the Potato Olympics at school. This involved potatoes and student minders participating in sprinting (potato rolls down a plank), diving (potato goes into a bucket of water), and cycling (poato balances on bike being wheeled by student). His most prized possession is his Silver medal he won for the Equestrian event, which had him and his potato navigating a course on a hobby horse. He did not take it off for a week, wearing it to bed and only removing it for baths.

Miss BG was very excited at her ballet school’s end of year production of Beauty and the Beast, but was sorely disappointed she was not selected to be Beauty. Grumbling about it at the post-ballet coffee over a babycino and tart, she growled she was going to be a ‘rosebud’. It was very hard for myself and Mr BG to keep a straight face. She has since been mollified with retail therapy in the form of a new winter hat, and can rock a beret in a way I wish I could.

Tiger has taken to watching the time. She has settled back into her usual routine of sleeping, eating and perching on top of ledges and tables. She does her disappearing act as we leave the house and scurries over to the other side of the street and returns to our nature strip when we return.

Mr BG’s claim that his Indietracks performance would be his farewell performance, and likely to be his last one ever, was a complete furphy. He is set to do a Dame Nellie Melba/John Travolta ‘comeback’ and play two other performances this year 🙂 . One is a backyard gig during the school holidays with an English band who also played at Indietracks, the other is at the Empress Hotel in November playing at the launch of the Sugargliders’ retrospective CD. Needless to say, there have been endless emails to the guys organising rehearsals, and looking at the flyer on Facebook.

And I’ve started my classroom helper gig in Master BG’s class, doing the Toy Drive for kinder, signed up for a 12km run Run Ballarat, and am determined to once again fit into clothes that have mysteriously shrunk while I’ve been away…