Orientation Day

Miss BG had her first day of orientation at her new school. She has been visiting it for the last two years, waiting for her big brother in the hallways and in the playground, and is wholly comfortable with the place. Half of my son’s class have younger siblings whom she already knows, and a large component of her kinder class will be attending.

However when confronted with a huge wall of sound from excited 5 years olds, nervous parents, and big kids, I did feel my little girl’s hand squeeze mine just a little bit tighter when we entered the room. She was introduced to her Grade 6 buddy Christina, who took her hand and led her over to a bookshelf to read a story. When we were herded out by the Prep teachers, Miss BG was happily playing with some farm animals.

I picked her up later that morning and she was brimming with excitement, showing me some of the artwork she had created with her buddy’s help. She wanted to show her kinder friends, who were all happy to see her when she arrived.

When I asked her later what she liked more, kinder or school, she said both. But she is excited about going to school next week!