#amonthinthelife- Day 6

The little BGs had their twilight sports today. They didn’t start at school until 1.30, so they came into work with me for the morning. They visited the library, and attended a maths class with one of the maths lecturers! Both kids enjoyed the university experience :).

After work we headed down to the local oval to see them race. They aren’t the fastest of kids, but they tried their best, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Curriculum Day

Yesterday was a curriculum day for the teachers at the local primary school, so the little BGs and myself took off to Melbourne. I decided to take them to two places very special to me, the State Library, where I worked a very long time ago, and the National Gallery, where I spent a lot of time skipping uni classes cultivating a life long appreciation of art. I didn’t want to overdo the day with packing heaps of stuff in, but just them a taste of being on a fun day trip to Melbourne.

On the way to Melbourne! #curriculumday

We headed down on the train, armed with a variety of boredom busters including books, snacks and the tablet. In order to ensure little feet didn’t get tired, we took a couple of trams up to the library.

At the SLV

The kids were suitably awed by the library. Master BG made me a proud mum by confiding he’d love to work with books one day :). We played some computer games in the Experimedia space, oohed and ahhed over the Domed Reading Room, then went downstairs for a hot chocolate at Mr Tulk.

In the Domed Reading Room #melbourne #SLV #curriculumday

Followed by the obligatory pitstop at Readings, we stepped onto another tram down Swanston Street. When we got to the National Gallery, I introduced them to the water wall. The look of wonder and joy on their faces was priceless, feeling the water cascade on their fingertips. They could have stayed there for ages playing with the water!

Sean meets the water wall #curriculumday #melbourne #ngv

The next stop inside was the stain-glass ceiling, where I got them to lie on the floor and just look up. I think the word Master BG used to describe it was ‘Epic!”

Emily meets the water wall #curriculumday #melbourne #ngv

We headed up to the 19th Century European collection, mainly to see if there were any Van Goghs. There wasn’t, but there were a couple of paintings which caught their eyes, Ulysses and the Sirens for Master BG’s current interest in Greek mythology, and the toilette of Venus for Miss BG (‘she’s naked mummy!” she said, very scandalised).

Greek mythology at the NGV #curriculumday #melbourne #ngv

After another bite to eat, we headed for home. The kids behaved well, and really only started swinging from the luggage rails in the last 20 minutes of the trip!

Swinging#curriculumday #melbourne#train

Ted’s sleepover

Miss BG is hosting a special visitor this weekend. Ted has come to stay and we get to write and draw about his visit in a book for school.

She dressed Ted in some pyjamas…

ted in pyjamas

She took him to bed with her, much to the disappointment of the other ted in her life.

in bed with ted

Ted accompanied us to the hairdresser and then later to the cafe.

ted in the chair

ted at the cafe

Then Miss BG read Ted a story- a Maisy book!

Ted being read toTed was a lovely guest and we hope to have him back again!

Finished Business – The conundrum of the crocheted cardigan

I had been making a cardigan for Miss BG, but it had been somewhat of a learning curve for me.

I was using a 4ply cotton yarn from Lincraft, called Amalfi. It is the most gorgeous colour, though the strands are not the easiest of yarns with which to work. The cardigan is worked with the back and fronts all the one piece, with a shoulder seam, and two sleeves.

Initially the tension was too loose, so I ended up starting over and switching to a smaller hook to get the tension correct.

I had nearly finished the body of the cardigan and measured it up against the little recipient. One little problem…she had grown, and it was only going to be worn a couple of times.

I was making this pattern in the largest possible configuration, and I could measure up my daughter and make it even larger. Another little problem… I only have enough of the yarn to do it in the current size and drumroll…the yarn has been discontinued by Lincraft, and my local store only had the yarn in a BLUE. Bugger.

A Ravelry member had some of the yarn for sale, but she never replied to my message. So I unravelled again and did it in a smaller size, exceedingly grateful that I have a little niece who will wear it one day :).

And hopefully that day is today, because I have finally finished it, after starting over two times. All ends are sewn in, the button has been affixed and I am off to Geelong today to present it to my sister. Another piece of unfinished business finished 🙂

Tripping to Toora

It’s good to have some time on the school holidays to relax. One of the easiest places to do this is Toora, in South Gippsland. It’s only 2 hours from Melbourne, but it’s quiet and peaceful and utterly beautiful.

The shed

The house is located right next to a heritage pear orchard, which we would cut through to walk down the street.

View from the Gate

Mr BG’s big sister Kerry lives there with her husband Terry, in a house with a garden in which you could get lost, with Layla the horse and Jessie the dog. There was also Kestrel, a guest horse, who was staying while her owner was away. This was really exciting for the kids, as Kestrel is a very easy-going horse who the kids love to ride.

Let's ride!

Master BG has really grown to love riding. Before, he would have nothing to do with the horse, preferring to leave his younger sister to be the dare devil. Now, he’s quite enthusiastic, saying it makes him feel content.

The kids love going to Aunty Kerry’s. They spent it outside, playing with Jessie, helping feed Jessie and the horses, brush down Kestrel, plant a tree with Terry, collect eggs from the school chook shed with Kerry. They chilled inside, reading books or playing with a cool farm set. Apart from a visit to Port Welshpool to walk along the beach and playground there were no outings or excursions.

Having a paddle

Port Welshpool was sunny and warm, with the kids paddling and afterwards having chips and dim sims from the General Store. Miss BG started being mindful of her clothes, and ten minutes later, was drenched from top to bottom and ended up being attired in her hoodie and gumboots :).

Beachside promenade

It was wonderful, just hanging out and spending time with family.

Holiday happenings

The little BGs are currently en vacances with their Nana and Papa in Geelong, while Mr BG and I are at work. The kids get to be spoiled and spend a bit of time with their cousins, and Mr BG and I get  to do fun stuff, like work, tidy up kid’s rooms and their toys and clothes, and do a bit of gardening. We may also have a chance to visit a wine bar and perhaps enjoy a meal out at a venue which does not feature a kid’s menu too :).

Before they left, we spent a bit of one on one time with the kids. Saturday saw Miss BG and myself make a quick dash down the highway to the Meredith Harvest Farmers’ and Craft Market. I put the CD on instead of the usual DVD and we listened to 80s tracks on the way down. She was quite into Planet Earth and Blue Monday- I feel I am doing something right for a change!

It was the first time we had been to this market and it was lovely. the money raised goes to support the Meredith Kindergarten and there was a great mix of entertainment, food, crafty stuff and vegies- something for everyone in fact! My favourite bag maker Missy Mao Mao was there with a stall, and it is very hard not to buy something from her  :). Miss BG got her face painted for free, I bought some vegies from the market stall and some plants (selected by both of us) and best of all, we enjoyed each other’s company.

Mr BG took Master BG to the movies where they saw Oz the Great and Powerful, as part of his 8th birthday extravaganza. I’m noticing that Master BG wants to spend more time with his dad, which is lovely to see. This time is currently spent discussing computer games, playing computer games and watching DVDs and Doctor Who together. At the same time I feel a bit redundant, though I know it’s all part of him growing up and becoming more independent. I still feel very glad when I do return home from work and hear him say,’Oh good, mum’s home!’

Dinner and a show

Ever since her first performance as a ‘bubble’ in The Little Mermaid, Miss BG loves being on the stage. She was mightily cheesed off when she wasn’t picked to be Beauty in the latest production of Beauty and the Beast, but she made for a very good rosebud. Since the age of 3 she has been enrolled in ballet classes, and is taught by the lovely and very patient Miss Renee.

Once a year, the parents are allowed to attend the class and see what the students have been doing. The students demonstrate their plies, pointing their toes and performing a simple dance.

Miss BG put on a show, making faces, shaking her hips and having an absolute ball when it came to ‘catching butterflies’.  She had me in stitches with her antics, and a couple of other mums as well. One mum turned to me and said,”You know…I think she’s more suited to drama, or musical theatre.”

Compared to some of the other little girls, Miss BG is definitely not serious enough to be a ballerina. She loves making people laugh too much :).