The swings on the playground don’t even fit me anymore

Kinder. I have been looking forward to it since the start of the year, but it thrown out my routine somewhat. My workdays have changed to accommodate the drop off/pick up routine and I feel a bit out of sorts. Right now I should be somewhere near Sunshine, iPod on, book open and sun streaming through the windows of the train. Instead the kids are playing with Playdoh, and I should start thinking about tea.

Master BG’s first day of kinder was good- he enjoyed it and I was happy to see him after his session. So too was his little sister, who kept looking for him all over the house. We did have fun at the park, the post office and the kinder again when I had to drop off his snack box :).

I love Paris– a selection of photos from the early 20th century, which include photographers such as Man Ray and Eugene Atget. The images really evoke the timeless beauty of one of my favourite cities (so shoot me for being sentimental!).

Government 2.0 for Victorian Government– the Victorian government is set to respond to a report from the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee on Improving Access to Public Sector Information and Data. Hopefully the response will be to adopt the recommendations which included adopting a Creative Commons Licensing Model for government information. There is a tendency for government agencies to hide behind the Freedom of Information Act to hinder access to information, not to mention “Commercial in Confidence” .

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Library has recently updated its Background Note on Boat Arrivals to Australia since 1976. It includes an historical context, and Government responses to this situation.

The State Library of Victoria has a series of Fellowships for budding playwrights, authors, artists and art historians. Getting paid to go to the library, what a dream job :)!