The Romantic

Kate Holden was a prostitute and a heroin addict, the story of which was the subject of her first memoir, In my skin.

The Romantic follows on from this, and follows Kate to Italy, and details her romatic encounters, as well as her experiences in Rome, Naples and Padua.

It is a very sexy book and I like the way that she depicts the sex with an honesty and enjoyment. I love her honest approach to her sexuality, which is mostly appreciated by her lovers.

However, it’s not all a sex romp. She is gripped with fear, and loneliness, particularly when in Rome, and finds it hard to make friends. Italian women don’t want to know her and Italian men just want to have sex. She encounters men who want to patronise her, or who are intimidated by her past and her expertise.

The book is divided into parts all of which are named after the most significant person at that moment. It is only at the end, that the last part is named Kate.

She is a beautiful writer who loves literature and Italy, the Romantic poets and Casanova. She is also very honest and forthright about her enjoyment of her body, which is an inspiration.