Might as well face it, you’re addicted to…

My mobile.

I may not use it all that often, but I like to know it’s there. I left my mobile phone at home this morning and realised while I was halfway to the station. Faced with either returning home to retrieve phone, and miss my train (and having to wait35 minutes for the next train- ahh the joys of living in regional Victoria) or get my train, I chose the latter. Owing to the long queue for tickets I was lucky to get on the train at all!

It’s mainly used for people to keep in contact with me- daycare for my children, texts from friends, mum and dad and the gym. I will use it to check my twitter and facebook, but browsing on a mobile is hideously expensive, and not that usable either; Jakob Nioelsen’s recent report on mobile web usability was spot on.

Did I miss it? I missed the convenience, but give me a couple of days and I think I would be weaned off it. The PC, however would be a different matter altogether. I have been online at home since 1999, at work since 1997 and was using the Internet at uni in 1994. I have never gone more than a couple of days without logging in to my hotmail, and that was when I was on holidays overseas, and access was occasionally hit and miss.

My mum is not a big fan of computers- she dislikes the antisocial aspect, and the fact it ‘draws you in’ (her words). I can argue to her about the social aspect of the Internet, but the Web is indeed a mesmerising place and it is easy to get lost in it, and ignore your nearest and dearest. And when your nearest and dearest are busy jumping on couches and climbing on tables, it is best not to ignore them :).

So here’s my challenge to myself- go offline, no Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail, news websites- until I am back in at work on Wednesday. Will let you know how I go and what I do to fill my time up…


Burning the midnight oil

No post yesterday, as I am rushing to meet a deadline for uni. For those interested I have to annotate a bibliography, and discuss the role of information professionals in knowledge management. Luckily for me, I can lodge it electronically, so there are no trips to uni to post the paper in the essay box with minutes to spare. My deadline  is midnight tonight.

I must admit a perverse joy in studying- even if the universe in the form of cooking, laundry and son, daughter and Mr Bookgrrl conspire against me. And I won’t of course mention the other online distractions of Facebook and Twitter…:)

I will be off the air tomorrow owing to a quick trip to Sydney for a friend’s 40th birthday party. I remember going to his 30th, as Mr Bookgrrl and I had arrived home that morning from our first trip to the UK. This will be the fourth 40th party I have attended of a personal friend- I am getting old…

Have a great weekend. For Australians this Monday is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday- the only day when I am a monarchist!