Hitting the pause button

I’m unplugging, going to code red, doing a digital detox, not being  totally connected to my phone, tablet or desktop. So there will be no facebooking, tweeting, foursquaring (actually deleted that yesterday, and you know what? The sky didn’t fall), instagramming, and email. My mobile will have its data switched off so no cheating there either.

I need a break, pure and simple. The children are on holidays, there’s family stuff to do and after blogging for 32 days straight, I’ve run out of puff. The ideas are there, but the time to tease them out of my head and pop them up on the page just seems to be a bit hard. As I said, a break is needed.

#Blogjune 2013- unplugged, embedded, and over!

Blogjune is a challenge in the truest sense, and there is always a sense of relief when it ends. At the end though, I am always grateful as my RSS feed (thank you Feedly) expands with new blogs to read!

As a librarian who blogs, I don’t always blog about libraries, and I am always amazed at how people will maintain the momentum of publishing  great posts related to libraries.  Hoi’s library quiz, asking questions about librarianship was a great example, as was Peta’s A-Z of library terminology. Michelle’s Connecting Librarian’s reflective posts are always an inspiration. The concept of the embedded librarian was discussed with applications in information literacy provoked a great deal of interest.

Looking at the real world and discussing its applications to libraries is always inspiring. Ellen’s series on signage and its library applications and Janice’s posts on GovHack certainly made me reflect about the need to seek ideas from outside the library sphere.

People’s experience with MOOCs and online learning and the ANZm23things posts prove that we are still passionate about extending ourselves and enhancing our professional and geek skills.

While this is a challenge which is librarian driven, I really love the personal posts about people’s interests and their families. Seeing people’s families and pets (cue the emergency pet blog post), Tony and Penny’s learning to crochet, and people’s travel and shopping experiences are great to read. Fiona’s musical challenge is always a highlight of blogjune for me, and seeing and hearing about where people live is always a pleasure.

The inevitable book collection posts saw people show off their cookbook collections and show off their book collection, one book at a time :).

There were lots of posts on the craft of writing and wondering about what to write when your ideas dry up. The solution to keep on writing regardless and you will not only write your way out of a slump, but generate a blog post was done with gusto :).

One post which struck a chord with me was Con’s first post on being unplugged. It’s definitely something I have to do more often, if only for my eyes which get a wee bit strained looking at a screen. I feel significantly calmer if I haven’t been in front of a screen all day as well.

I loved reading everyone’s posts and looking at people’s image posts on Tumblr. I did find it tricky to comment sometimes (grrr with captcha and other blogger hoops), but I find the interaction of commenting fosters collegiality. I thank everyone that took the time to leave comments on my posts :).

I was thankful for other people’s post to inspire me and memes certainly helped. I was also able to finish off several drafts in my folder- most of the book reviews were for #AWW2013, so my posts had a double purpose for being published.

The last week was hard for a myriad of reasons. I wasn’t so much losing my desire, but I was operating out of my comfort zone. I was staying at my parents and blogging from my tablet or my phone. A close family member also passed away and much of the blogging energy was diverted.

The strange thing was, blogging had become a habit and and I needed it. It helped me escape from the week that was quite tumultuous. I have always found reading to be a refuge and reading people’s posts was a part of that refuge.

So thank you for reading, and thank you for blogjune.

Happy blogaversary to me!

Four years ago today I registered with WordPress and started this blog.

In that time, I have completed a Masters, seen my children grow and start school, gone overseas twice, and seen my time at work increase. I’ve blogged about op-shopping, recipes, learning, cats, my kids, my husband, my studies, libraries, reading, work, my extended family and lots of books.

I managed to keep a travel blog of my trip last year, on the go, thanks to free wifi and a tablet.

Through my blog I have also met quite a few lovely people who have said very nice things about my blog and who will often themselves be writing and sharing their words and thoughts, which is awesome.

I am not sure what is around the corner, but it may possibly involve more yarn and yarning about stuff…

I feel very fortunate to be finally doing something that I have always wanted to do- to write and to be read.

Thank you. xo

For Blogs Sake!-end of NaBloPoMo

It’s the last day of November, the end of NaBloPoMo. To be honest, it was a bit of a slog, and I missed a few days. I could use the excuse I was busy, and I was, but it was a combination of factors, like extreme tiredness, or not really having anything to say!

When faced with a blinking cursor on a screen, or a night spent on the couch catching up with my husband, reader, I chose the husband! It did make up for the numerous nights when I did leave him to his own devices watching TV while I plugged away, writing away.

It is lovely to read the comments and see the likes on my posts, but writing is essentially a solitary business. Sometimes the words don’t flow, or they do, and it can be a jumble trying to sort them out while having to deal with demands of a family for silly things like food and clothes 🙂 .

This weekend I plan to put up the Christmas decorations and tree, attend the last soccer game of the season for Master BG, and recover from NaBloPoMo. And not have the weight of a post to do hanging over me…

My Top Seven

The challenge of writing a blog post a day for a month is finding enough topics to write about. There are millions of topics and areas that I could write about, but I realise I have to like what I write…

Lists are always good, they’re succinct, finite and quantifiable and appeal to my inner mathematician. I also like writing according to a series, I did one on the 80’s and my experiences with them, a week writing about fashion, and I regularly write about books (mainly to maintain the stereotype of being a bookish librarian, but hey, I’m all about conforming), with the Australian Women Writer’s challenge being my main focus this year.

So this week I am writing a series of lists. As I’m doing it over 7 days, it will be a list of seven things on any topic under the sun. I have a few ideas of my own, but if there is a list you would like me to compile, let me know! Email me, post a comment on the blog or stop me in the street and let me know. That has happened exactly once and let me say it was awesome!


Not only is it National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), DigiWriMo (Which Connie is planning on doing), but also National Blog Posting Month.

A blog post a day? Well, I did one last night, so I’ve already started. I usually do BlogJune in June with some fabulous peeps, but didn’t this year owing to being overseas.

So what the hell 🙂

Who knows, I may even rise to the challenge next year of writing a novel in a month…



I am going outside, and may be away for some time*

We’re heading off to Skye this morning, and I have been awake since 4am, or basically as soon as it got light. I’m in Glasgow at the Grand Central Hotel, so grand, it has a lovely fluffy robe for me to wear while I blog (too much information?).

I don’t think we have Internet access at our house, so it will be somewhat quiet here in the blog. I was going to say dark, but as we’ll be fairly north, it will be light here all the frigging time. Thank goodness for block out curtains at the hotel, and I hope we have thick curtains where we’re staying.

Rest assured I will be putting pen to paper, taking photos and sharing them when we get back to Glasgow (again staying at the hotel, which is very swish and close to very good shopping:-)).

A couple of things I would like to mention
1. Blogjune, where librarians blog every day of June, is on again. Check out the blog posts by following the #blogjune tag on Twitter. It is something which I have done for the last couple of years and there are heaps of good posts which come out of it!
2.I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award by Travelling Bag! Thank you very much for the nomination. More will come of this when I return back to the blog.


No this is not where we’re headed, rather a final pic of Ireland of Dunluce Castle near Portrush.
*apologies to Oates