#amonthinthelife- Day 17

Master BG is given a homework sheet at the start of each week, to complete by Friday. It involves a combination of maths, basic grammar, reading tasks and an exercise activity. I usually go through the sheet with him and talk to him about the tasks, some of which have to be signed off by a parent.

Our conversation led from one thing to another, and before long we were discussing annoying habits online (he’s been looking at cybersafety at school). He thought trolls were annoying, as were people who leave ill-informed and grammatically incorrect comments on news websites (actually I think that was his dad who said that…). After some thought, he decided people who take selfies and use hashtags were also incredibly annoying. So I did what every mum should do and be as annoying as hell to their offspring, and took a selfie with Master BG and posted it up with hashtags.

I love being a mum…


#amonthinthelife- Day 16

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Laundry #ballarat #amonthinthelife #autumn

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Today I could have posted of our morning in Daylesford, with coffee, Dutch pancakes, market-bought honey and eggs. However Miss BG decided to place her apple juice in my bag for safekeeping and neglected to secure the top properly. My time at the market was then spent emptying out my bag of apple juice rather than taking photos of people and their dogs, and their caravans…a lot of caravans on the road today!

So instead it’s a photo of a very familiar place to me- the laundromat, with 3 loads of washing which will not get dry on a weekend with intermittent showers. Winter is coming…

#amonthinthelife- Day 15

With the mornings growing darker, the running group I run with on a Saturday morning have modified our course from the Yarrowee trail to around the streets.

This morning’s route took us south, down to Redan and Sebastopol, and along part of the Yarrowee trail that I hadn’t visited in years. We passed by the old Ballarat Woollen Mill which was constructed in the 1870s, still standing after 150 years.

I am enjoying running more, as the running in a group is far more motivating than running by oneself. Different routes other than simply running the Lake also add to the variety. It’s a good way to see more of your town.

#amonthinthelife- Day 14

I don’t usually post photos of myself on my blog, and in the past week I have posted two- but it is a month of my life, so I may as well appear in it :).

Red is one of my favourite colours, and this is one of my favourite frocks. It’s a simple cotton, with pockets (yay!) and I have had it for 3 years now. I took it with me when I went overseas 2 years ago, and it will come with me when I head off to the Us in a couple of months.

The colour red has another significance today, with the conviction of Brett Cowan for the murder of Daniel Morcombe. Championed by Nikki Parkinson of one my favourite guilty-pleasure blogs Styling You, there are a lot of people today wearing red to support the Morcombe  Family and their foundation

Nikki also hosts an #everydaystyle event where people post photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and this is the first time I have played along.

#amonthinthelife- Day 13

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To do list#amonthinthelife #work

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We have had some network issues today, and my day was spent on the phone, checking if things were right, reporting back to my bosses. Thankfully it has all been resolved and for me today has been a day of ticks, not crosses. Bosses are happy, and that’s the main thing. Tonight I feel like Wonder Woman :).

What you also see is my list for tomorrow and the various things to follow up. Hopefully it is all out of my head and I can sleep easier tonight. I have been known to get up in the middle of the night to write something down that’s been spinning around in my mind, just so it’s out of my head and on a piece of paper.

There are some days my life seems to be a neverending to do list of tasks that always seem to reappear!Laundry, school lunches  and getting milk and bread always seem to be written in indelible ink…

#amonthinthelife- Day12

I got a new book in the post yesterday :).

Part of my job has been to manage the migration of our SharePoint to the 2010 version, and this is something I have been dipping into at work. We have an e-version of this in our library’s collection, but for a permanent reference, I thought getting the print version would be easier.

I have scraped together a good working knowledge of SharePoint in my last 6 months from other people and just simply clicking around the software, but sometimes having a book offers some sort of security to whatever knowledge gaps I still possess.

I find there is something missing about reading a book on my desktop. I still love print reference books for their tactile nature , their indexes and the ability to flick through from one section to another.

With all of my work being computer based, but I still appreciate a good book 🙂

#amonthinthelife- Day 11

Tuesdays are the day Miss BG goes to dancing. She switched from classical ballet to jazz this year and has definitely enjoyed the transition to a freer form of dancing. Normally I pick her up from after-school care and then wait in the waiting room, but today was a curriculum day, so I picked her up from home.

The waiting room at dancing is noisy chaotic, full of tired school kids and toddlers waiting for their sisters to finish and parents catching up. I usually while away the time checking emails and reading. If I get myself organised enough, I will bring crochet to do next week :).