The Lake #blogjune

Lake Wendouree looking towards rowing finishing line

The Lake in Ballarat parlance refers to Lake Wendouree, once natural wetlands converted into a lake for recreational purposes in the 1860s. It was the site of the rowing events for the 1956 Olympic Games and for many years has played a part in the annual Begonia Festival’s parade on Labour Day. It is quite shallow, and has been known to dry up and catch fire in times of drought- it is not a good place to hide a dead body.

There have been impromptu picnics with fish and chips on hot nights, visits to the farmer’s market, attending the Begonia Festival in the nearby Botanical Gardens, and the occasional lunch and dinner at one of the many cafes and restaurants that dot the surrounds.

I have walked, ran, or ridden round the Lake too many times to count, pushing a pram, or guiding a little person around on their first big ride, running with friends, or simply by myself, enjoying the stillness and the cold.

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