A reunion

Faces are older, some a little fuller. Menus are best seen at a distance, with much joking about needing glasses. There is talk of peri-menopause, of children on the spectrum, and treatment for cancer. Absent friends are remembered and either mercilessly mocked for not attending, or speculated about their life and where they are.

You end up speaking to people with whom you never really spoke to much at school- cliques ruled back then and there were only a few people who slid easily from one group to another. Though when the time comes for photos, the girls converge into their old groups- old habits die hard.

Some conversations flow with people that you haven’t seen for over 10 years, and with some it’s almost as if you are picking up a conversation you just left a couple of minutes ago. Other people fail to get your drift and you realise that the only thing you had in common was that you are a similar age and by circumstance you shared a classroom in a school you haven’t visited since mullets and perms were in fashion. Oh, and you both had a perm.

And there are some whom I would be happy never to see again as they are just as bitchy as they were when they were at school. Some people never change.




3 thoughts on “A reunion

  1. the muscular librarian participates, writes, converses, listens, engages, understands who her community is. She is fearless.

    cool Steph! enjoyed this enormously…glad you’re back blogging again…Robyn Edmanson

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