Commando Op shopping 

I take commando shopping very seriously- the ability to shop in a seriously restricted period of time has been something I have honed over years of kids with limited attention spans and a husband who hates crowds.

Heading away to Warrnambool was a chance to see some new shops. I had scoped a couple of op shops online before we arrived, and I knew there were a few vintage shops in Warrnambool as well to take a quick browse in. With only 3 days and an already full itinerary it would be hard to squeeze in quality browsing time. With a fully packed car with bikes and luggage it would also be a challenge to get anything home. Items bought would have to be small and compact.

The first shop was Colac Vinnies– the best thing about this place is its location, across the road from a park with a playground. It’s a perfect chance to drop in for 5-10 minutes while the kids are playing or heading to the toilets. They had books half price and I scored a couple of titles to keep me occupied in the evenings. Total cost $2.50 for two books.

Op shop haul- dress and 2 books

Op shop haul- dress and 2 books

I also managed to slip out for 45 minutes in the afternoon one day while the kids were winding down after a big day out. I made a quick detour to the atm then visited 3 op shops and a vintage shop in quick succession. Three of the shops were all in the same street which made it easy to visit. I managed to score the dress above for $5.00 at the Salvos. The Vinnies and RSPCA did not yield anything, and there were some lovely coats to be had at the Long Gone Antiques and Collectibles, but I wasn’t in need of any.

We spent the final morning at the Fletcher Jones Market. The market is similar to the Mill Markets in Daylesford, Geelong and Ballarat with heaps of stalls of antiques, collectibles and bric a brac.

2015-07-11 11.27.53

Fletcher Jones Market and Gardens

It’s situated on the site of the old Fletcher Jones factory which closed in The market itself is located within the part where womenswear was manufactured, and you can still see vestiges of the factory.

Artwork still on the factory floor

Artwork still on the factory floor


The upper level looks like offices and allows for little stalls- I found one room with linen, fabric and yarn.

A knitters dream!

A knitters dream!

I stepped away from the yarn as quietly and as quickly as possible- yarn has an innate tendency to want to come home with me and I have enough of a stash without bringing more home :). I got myself a little cup and saucer and platter and MrBG managed to score a nice tweed Christian Dior jacket. By this stage the kids were clamouring to head off and hit the road.


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