A sky full of stars #blogjune

There is a mixture of sadness and relief when Blogjune is over- relief because the pressure is off and sadness because some of the voices which pop up at this time of year become quiet once more.

I did taper off, especially over the weekends, but it has definitely been the kick in the pants for me to write more and to reflect more.I meant to publish this last night, but real life beckoned in the form of my book club meeting over a glass of wine at the pub, after which I curled up on the sofa with Mr BG to watch a DVD.

There are so many eloquent and reflective people out there, and over the years of participating I have heard about

  • The Sydney Film Festival from Mal and Snail
  • Bikes and cycling-(I am glad I don’t ride Beach Road Graeme!)
  • Ereaders (Con seemed to hold the record for the most e readers)
  • Pens
  • Geocaching (in fact I found out about geocaching through Blogjune)
  • Cooking and cookery books
  • Books and bookshelves
  • Travel experiences
  • Art and Craft (I am missing Tony’s posts on his knitting endeavours, but loving Hoi’s watercolours and Sally’s ICAD challenge)
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Music (especially Fiona’s Musical Challenges)

Blogjune embraces the whole person, both in a professional and personal capacity, which is what I really enjoy. It’s a chance to meet people behind the pithy tweets or articles shared and photos shared on Twitter and Instagram. Not everyone has happy stories to tell, and people have been juggling, work, house moves, illness, and PhD submissions while still participating.

To everyone who has participated through reading, writing and commenting- thank you for a lovely Blogjune. You are all stars 🙂



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