teamfreya #blogjune

Last night I met the governor general and got to take his photograph.
He was present at a launch of a showcase, book launch and portrait unveiling at the university at which I work.
I had been part of the project team which had developed the content for the showcase, and had assisted in sourcing photographs for the history book. It was a heady experience to be surrounded by vice Chancellors, Chancellors, members of the Senate and people who had played a part in shaping the university.
It was especially nice to be there with the project team and see people’s impression of the result.


Freya was our project manager. She worked with our library director Fides and Phil the technical consultant, cajoled and nagged the project team for stories, chased us up for photos and shepherded us to the finish line. She is also the campus library manager at our Brisbane campus, a mum of 3 kids and keen runner.
It was a blast being a part of teamFreya with Amanda, Kate, Tatum, Susan, Francesca and Bernice.

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