Bookgrrl, gap filler #blogjune

I have a tendency to get bored quite easily- witness the myriad of unfinished craft projects (actually only 2, or 3…), and the number of unfinished blog posts languishing in my drafts folder.

How does this impact upon forging a career as a librarian? For me, it has involved saying Yes to opportunities that arise and jumping across library sectors.

My first job was backfilling a maternity leave position, a twelve month contract which became ongoing and lasted five years. When I left it was because I wanted adventure. I’m not saying that working in public libraries weren’t eventful (Laurence the demon child at story time, Mr Poo Man, and Mr T the psychopath are characters which come to mind), but I needed a change.

I jumped to the State Library, working with staff in public libraries in promoting database usage, coordinating online content for a virtual library and putting out a library zine. From there I jumped to a Parliamentary Library, after going for an interview, for the experience.

Now I have been at my present place of work in an academic library for nearly 2 years and working in my fourth role. I have been involved in systems, statistical analysis, and research data management, and put my hand up for projects galore. Much of this role changing has been as a result of maternity leave, retirements and resignations. 

I think working in various library sectors makes me feel like a Librarian jack of all trades, a filler of gaps. I also feel very lucky to be where I am.


Going to New York was a chance of a lifetime!

2 thoughts on “Bookgrrl, gap filler #blogjune

  1. At a recent CAVAL mentor training session a senior librarian said they were an ideas person who didn’t finish or follow through on things but thankfully they have staff that know them so things get done. Maybe you can get staff… like family to finish your craft projects 🙂

    • If only I could delegate crochet and knitting to my “staff” :). I do complete projects at work though- it’s just the grind of the day to day which is the killer. Regardless of whatever library I end up in, the faulty photocopier issue is always there!

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