the ultimate question #blogjune

We introduced the kids to The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy on the long weekend (the miniseries), which they loved. Master BG loved the storyline and the sperm whale as part of the Improbability Drive, and Miss BG liked how Arthur Dent taught the cave men Scrabble. 

I’ve always wanted a computer like Deep Thought, to help me with those tricky questions that pop up with irritating regularity. 

  • Why was I born me? I often wonder why I am who I am.
  • What happens to my consciousness when I die? Is there life after life? Is there reincarnation?
  • How on earth can Brussels Sprouts exists and people actually like these vile mini cabbages?
  • How can my cat thinks it’s a good idea to get up a bare mulberry tree?

If you had a computer like Deep Thought what questions would you ask of it?

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