Keep calm and carry yarn #blogjune

In my defence Your Honour, it was a really cold day, and I needed a new scarf…

As I promised Miss BG, I went to Lincraft and purchased a knitting Nancy for her to celebrate her completing George’s Marvellous Medicine (she is on to the next book The BFG).

Lincraft is a crack den for yarn/craft addicts, and it is not the easiest place to enter without getting something else. When I saw the yarn, I was instantly reminded of a pattern I had for a cowl that had suddenly reappeared on my desk after being trapped under a sheaf of other papers. Clearly, your Honour, it was fate. The yarn was calling to me, its seductive green tones and silky strands beckoning to me. It was also 40% off :).

With any luck it will be off my needles and around my neck this long weekend!


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