EatDrinkShareBallarat #blogjune

The long weekend has beckoned and the first order of business is a walking tour of foodie Ballarat.

Food is taken very seriously in Ballarat- cafes and restaurants open under great scrutiny and are praised or pummelled in the local press. A second Vietnamese restaurant opened last week with much fanfare (we have a lot of Thai restaurants, but could do with a few dumpling places actually!).

In the last 10 years there has been a growing dedication to eating quality regional produce, and drinking quality wine and coffee. EatDrinkShareBallarat is a three hour tour of some of the best foodie places Ballarat has to offer. 

EatDrinkShareBallarat is run and owned by Lyndel, a running compadre of mine. The business has been operating for just over a year and is one of the top rated things to do in Ballarat according to Trip Advisor.

There are about seven stops on the route around central Ballarat, encompassing food, coffee and wine. The businesses are locally owned by people passionate about quality food, who are happy to talk about their business and what they offer. You are given a chance to buy along the way, and are provided with a complimentary brown shopping bag to put your purchases in.

Half the fun is in meeting and talking with other people on the tour. We had a few people who were in Ballarat for the long weekend from Melbourne as well as a few locals. I was there with my friend the lovely Shannon, and we had a ball chatting to the group about how good the weather was (ie not as bad as the freezing day Thursday was). I ran into a few people along the way I knew when we were out and about, as you do in Ballarat.


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