Happy Birthday ma’am #blogjune

There is only one day a year during which I am an unavowed monarchist, and that is the Queen’s birthday public holiday on the second Monday in June. 

Well there was maybe that one time in 1981 when I watched the wedding of Charles and Diana, and William and Kate in 2011, but for the rest of the time I am a Republican. Sure I am partial to the odd baby photo, and Liz can certainly has the best collection of hats, but honestly, I would really prefer to have a head of state who has been elected, rather than a group of people whose ancestors claim to be better than anyne else. 


Diamon jubilee shop window, London 2012

I know they have given us a political system, a taste for tea and fish and chips, fairly decent music and telly shows, not to mention millions of immigrants over the years, some of whom came voluntarily. They have also given us Tony Abbott, whom I wish we could return.


Fish and chips, Whitby, June 2012

And today, I celebrate all that, while feasting on crumpets, and watching Doctor Who, quaffing Norwegian cider and planning tonight’s dinner of coq au vin (I would really like roast beef and Yourkshire pud, but I can’t make Yorkshire pud as good as my mum).

You can have Tony Abbott back though.


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