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Liana from Finding Femme tagged me for a series of questions. Please read her- she’s a lovely lady.

It’s nearly the end of the year. What are your favourite achievements of 2014 so far?

2014 has been a year of journeys and travel to Tasmania for the summer holidays, Fiji for my sister’s wedding, the United States for Mr BG’s pop fests, and interstate for work several times. My logistical skills have been finely honed as a result!

What’s something you don’t do that you wish you did?

I wish I could sew and make my own clothes. I never really got the hang of it when I was at school, and patterns are pretty incomprehensible to me. I can hem, and mend and am a dab hand at sewing buttons, but anything beyond that is a bit scary!
How do you feel about Christmas and other such festivities, like Easter and Halloween?

I love the music of Christmas- except Bing Crosby and Kenny Rogers. It brings back memories of my time in retail, working at Myer, and hearing them both ad nausaeum over the PA. I survived seven Christmases at Myer and while it has left me with a taste for wearing black and the ability to wrap presents, I hate the frenzied shopping that goes with it. My favourite memories of Christmas pre-children are finishing up work on Christmas Eve at Myer, getting the store ready for Stocktake Sale, then adjourning to the Scottish Chiefs Tavern for a drink with my workmates. Now Christmas means spending it in the car to visit everyone in Geelong and Gippsland. It’s lovely to catch up with everyone, but the drive can be tiring.

I really enjoy Halloween, and being of Irish origin, I quite happily claim it as a derivative of Samhain and get away with it! Our neighbourhood block this year organised a trick or treat for the children, with one parent hosting a barbeque and then the children going around the block to each others houses for candy lollies. There was a lovely community feel, we were lucky with it being a warm night as well :).

Easter was always a time of religious significance when I was growing up, and giving something up for Lent was always done. I consider myself happily lapsed, but it is always a time for family. And chocolate. Another thing I discovered about Easter was that in Public Library Land (yes, there is such a thing) it is the busiest time of the year. Easter Tuesday is like Stocktake Sale time in libraries.
What thing does everyone say to you that you’re really tired of?
“It must be great to be a librarian- you get to read all day long!”
“Ballarat’s so far away…” A common excuse I hear from Melbourne peeps 🙂

What is your favourite creative thing to do and why?
Tell stories- there is a power in words. What I have been doing more though is telling stories through pictures, and taking photos and posting them on Instagram. It is becoming my preferred way to document my life.

What activity has taught you the most about yourself and what did it teach you?
If you had one superpower, what would it be and why would you want that over any others?
A very fast metabolism, so I could eat anything and not put on weight! Either that or the ability to teleport myself to another place with a click of my fingers.

What is your favourite or your most popular blog post?
My favourite posts are my travel posts. I write them on the go and they’re not only an online postcard for my family to read, but they’re a snapshot of what was going through my mind at that time. They are often my most honest and written on the fly, like one I wrote about feeling frustrated with being in Florence and it not matching my expectations. A post I wrote about a Ghost Tour to Aradale was my most popular post for 2014, even though it was written nearly 2 years ago.

What do you like about Ballarat?
Its weather- it has four distinct seasons, which have been a joy to see unfold from my window at work, and from my backyard deck. I love the light, the fresh air, and the fact you are never too far from a cafe serving excellent coffee. This is especially important when it gets cold in winter. I also like the fact Ballarat is taking pride in just more than its history- it is becoming a great place for food and drink. The range of eateries has improved over the last 10 years, since we moved here, and

What’s one truth you know now that you would like to impart on your younger self if you could?

Don’t care about what other people think of you- it’s your life, not theirs. Be responsible- for your health and your happiness.


I am not tagging anyone, but please feel free to answer these questions if you need any inspiration for blog posts. A group of people are blogging on the #blog12daysofxmas tag on Twitter, if you wanting any more holiday reading!

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