Reestablishing an acquaintance

A workshop in Melbourne today had me taking my old train. I recognised many familiar face amongst the commuters, all bleary eyed and quiet, functioning on auto pilot.

While I would not exchange my current travel to work- a 10 minute walk!- I did enjoy the quiet time of my hour long trip in which I could read or simply look out the window. It was also lovely to catch up with a friend at Mr Tulk for a coffee and chat.

Walking through Crossley Street was also a delight. It was like a reunion with an old school friend- it was essentially the same, with minor changes to make it interesting. I stopped by my favorite store, Blonde Venus to say hello to the beautiful dresses. I couldn’t stay too long as there was a gentleman sitting outside having a coffee from the hole-in-the-wall cafe which had set up shop next door.

2014-11-13 08.30.05Heading around the corner, I was struck by how pretty Bourke Street is at this time of the morning- and there is a Melbournalia store nearby too!

2014-11-13 08.31.00Strolling past Parliament and up to Victoria Parade, I arrived in plenty of time for my workshop which proved to be very informative. Commuting like this can be good for the soul, in small doses 🙂


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