Final #frockfriday for #Frocktober

My thanks to everyone who has gone on this Frocktober journey with me. My last frock for Frocktober on a Frock Friday no less, was a little black linen dress I bought in Big W in 2000  for $19.*

It is a really plain dress, one which can be dressed up or down. With an A-line cut and V-neck, it’s really flattering and it is a staple of my summer wardrobe. I feel so cool in it, and usually wear a scarf with it to keep the sun off my neck.

While it is the end of Frocktober, I am finding it quite hard to get out of the habit of wearing dresses, especially at work! I am relishing the feel of jeans on the weekend (it was freezing and wet on Saturday!), but I am finding that I am turning first to the dress part of my wardrobe during the week.

One of my friends asked me how many dresses I have- 19 is the magic number. There are a few I would have like to have worn, but sadly they don’t fit me at the moment (“at the moment” being the operative phrase :)).

To those who donated, I thank you most sincerely. With offline pledges, the total raised came to $830. Thank you for your generosity to this cause!


*Mr BG can’t understand how I can remember this type of stuff, when I am constantly forgetting where I have left my keys…


2 thoughts on “Final #frockfriday for #Frocktober

  1. Thank u frocktober I have enjoyed following your dress journey and your cause. I am a long skirt and dress wearer and would look forward to see what was on for the day. Cheers Susan

    • Thank you Susan! There were a couple of people who were quite interested, even though they said from the start “I hardly wear dresses, and I prefer trousers!”

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