Final frocks- 29-30/31 #Frocktober

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days- the end of the week is Halloween, a school walkathon and the end of Frocktober. It’s been a challenge that I have seen through to the end and I am pretty chuffed with how it’s panned out.

What I wore on Tuesday was a thrifted maxi skirt from Target that looked way better shorter, a cropped cardigan from Modcloth and a tshirt from French Connection- perfect for the spring weather we are having in Ballarat!

As of last night I reached my goal of $700. The wonderful peeps at Integrity donated $50 and Wendy, whom I have known for a very long time, donated %52.50. Mr BG came home with $50 cash from the staff at work. One of the staff had done a whip around, after admiring my frocks on Instagram- the penny had dropped when they realised I was doing it for Frocktober– and not just for fun! I also had a pledge from my friend Kate, which brngs my total amount pledged to $783.50!

So today I celebrated with a frock I recently purchased a couple of weeks ago

It’s a vintage frock that I bought in a local shop. I bought it mainly for the fabric, which is a lovely greeny black pattern. The neckline is a bit blah (double breasted buttons?), so it’s been modified slightly (I undid the top buttons!).

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