Growing up

He likes his hair neat and brushed, his jeans skinny and belted, and his slip on shoes. He is all arms and legs, angles and bones. My days of giving him a a horsey ride on my knees are long gone as his feet touch the floor. He no longer requests a back rub at night time, as he got out of the habit when I went away. He reads his own books and no longer needs a bed time story.

He makes his own breakfast, gets himself dressed for school in the morning, and is usually the first to be ready to head out the door. He headed off to his first school camp yesterday, so excited about hanging out with his friends for a couple of days.


Off to camp

He is growing up, but there is still a need for a mum. He still needs to be reminded to pick up his clothes, wash his hands, have a bath, and tidy his room. I need to nag him about homework and staying off his iPod. He still can’t find anything without calling for me to help him look! He still looks for a cuddle and when no-one is watching, will hold my hand. He still loves to be smothered in kisses when he is in bed.

I miss the little boy he was, but I am looking forward at seeing him grow up into a beautiful young man. I still worry about him getting hurt, but it’s less about bumps and scratches, and more about feelings and self-esteem. I find I am worrying more about both my children as they enter the greater world and leave the safe cocoon of home behind.


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