Feeling Flat after Frocking up 18-28/31 #Frocktober

It’s been a whirlwind week of gallery visiting, travelling for work, then spending the weekend connecting with family. A medical appointment today after an unsettled night (a lightning and thunder show) has not increased my energy. However, we are in the home stretch, so onwards to the frocks!

A dress I picked up for $8 at my local Salvos store last year. It’s a lovely blue linen dress- with pockets! I wore this on Sunday when I took a child-free jaunt to the local art gallery to indulge in a little soul food.

I had a meeting in Brisbane for which to prepare so it was a frantic next couple of days- I did cheat and put up my wedding dress as a stopgap measure. Red is my favourite colour!

Brisbane was fantastic frock wearing weather- I made sure to head out early in the morning to go for walks along the river- across the Go-Between Bridge (Mr BG is a HUGE fan of the Go-Betweens) and for a stroll through the Botanical Gardens. The jacaranda trees were amazing!

I wore my red floral dress one day, and this dress from Ezibuy another day. A tad crumpled from my suitcase, but it’s a pretty navy linen with an embroiderie anglaise style to offset the navy.

I wore this dress out to a dinner with the meeting participants- senior staff members of the library. We meet once a year for 2-3 days of intense planning for the next year. It is a great opportunity to connect with people you only really contact via phone or email.

We headed out to Sovereign Hill on Saturday- I will admit jeans were the preferred option today, as most of my dresses were in the wash! I had empited my suitcase intto the washing machine while I whiled the afternoon away looking at the diggings, admiring little gardens and going to school with Miss BG. That was tricky, as I had to write with my right hand :).

Sunday I found a lovely gem in my wardrobe- I swear, my wardrobe in which I keep my frocks is sometimes like the Tardis, or at least Mary Poppins carpet bag. I bought this dress at least 5 years ago off eBay I think. It has shoiestring straps and is cut on the bias. I wore it with a navy cardigan and it looked a treat!

Which brings us up to Monday…This is a skirt gifted to me by my neice Kate- it’s a wrap around skirt from Sussan. I had to head to the hospital for a MRI on my hip. The saga of my hip is another blog post in itself…

Today saw me in a black maxi dress I picked up at a Blue Illusion sale from around 3 months ago. The light jersey fabric is good for layering and I think itll be good when the warmer weather arrives.

It has been a great month so far- I have $100 left with which to accomplish my pledge of $700.00 Hopefully I will make it 🙂




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