The torture of tights #Frocktober 8-9/31

It’s only the first week of Frocktober and I am beginning to realise what a challenge it is. It’s not the frock itself, but what you have to wear with it. Tights.

Ballarat is not really a frock friendly town in October. The changeable spring weather often has me yearning for trousers, pants, jeans- anything but a skirt and dress. It’s not that I am getting sick of dresses, but the wearing of tights- usually black, opaque and thick.

I shudder at the thought of women of yesteryear having to brave the Ballarat winter in nothing but nylons. Clearly these were the same women who raised children who think nothing of going to school in shorts in August and oh look! It’s snowing!

No snow Wednesday or Thursday thankfully- you will have noticed I have moved out of the bathroom and bedroom and onto our front verandah. My photographer is Master BG.

My Wednesday dress is a green frock from Paul Dane- I was window shopping in Sydney and saw it, then bought it online when I got home. It looks really good with tights and my ankle boots. There’s a lovely simplicity to its structure and I love the colour!

Oh hello, I say as I went hunting for my frock this morning. An old friend from Edinburgh, which I bought while on our long holiday in 2012. My accessories this morning were yet another black cardigan from my collection from Quick Brown Fox in Melbourne, black footless tights (in honour of the sun) and a lovely pair of blue flat shoes I bought in the US in May this year.


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