Frock Friday! #Frocktober 3/31

There isn’t a better way to celebrate Frocktober with a Frock Friday, and even better if it is also a Flex Friday :).

So far, I have gone out for a bike ride, gone for a swim, washed the car and done some laundry. I am about to head out to do some shopping, which may involve some opshops along the way…

I will be honest, I haven’t done it all in a frock, but I did head to the swimming pool with my bathers under the dress I am wearing today.

My dress is from Gap, another sleeveless dress, which is lined and works surprisingly well with tights. My black cardigan is from Portmans, bought when Master BG was in utero. My teapot brooch is one of my favourites, bought from a lovely local shop Bok Bok B’Gerk.

Tonight is my last child-free night- Mr BG and myself are heading out again to sample more of Ballarat’s culinary delights. Last night was Vietnamese, and tonight is The Mallow,known for its fine selection of craft beers on tap and its gastropub menu.

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