Frocktober is here!

Hello! It’s been a while. I could make a lot of excuses under the sun and apologise away, but all I can say is I am back and hope to stay around for a little while.

Today is the 1st October and the start of Frocktober. It is a month where people are encouraged to wear frocks, make frocks, draw frocks and hold frock-related events around Australia in an effort to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. I have set up a fundraising page and I urge you to please donate to this cause

I will say that while I had been planning on  fundraising for Frocktober this year- I AM NOT WEARING A DRESS TODAY.


So instead I present to you a picture of what I would have like to wear today- if I had it in my wardrobe…

Happy #frocktober! Day 1- a Mad Men-esque design, channelling my inner Joan 🙂

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Channelling a Mad Men feel (or as I like to say, my inner Joan), this would be a wine-red dress of a soft woolen fabric. It would be a nice trans-seasonal outfit, with sleeves to the elbow, and would look perfect with a pair of kitten-heeled shoes. If anoyne has this in their wardrobe or if anyone wishes to make this for me, I would be eternally grateful xx.


3 thoughts on “Frocktober is here!

  1. I’m afraid I’m not a frock girl Steph. I look at them in the shops and love them but If I have a mad moment and buy one it just sits in the wardrobe – I know I love okay in them but I just feel more comfortable in trousers 🙂

    • Frocks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea- I feel the same way about stilettos (I love the concept of beautiful shoes, but give me a pair of flat shoes any day) :). I am sure I will be having withdrawal from my jeans by the end of October!

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