1 Food, 1 Drink for the rest of my life

The topic for Writer’s Boot Camp is a doozy – Imagine for the rest of your life having only 1 food and 1 drink. Boring? Yes. Difficult to choose? No.

It just popped into my head.

Milk and potatoes.

This is definitely influenced by my Irish background, and a childhood that consisted of endless meals of meat and three veg, one of the veg being potato (I know it’s not a veg, but a tuber). I drank a lot of milk too.

I like the versatility of the spud, having it mashed, boiled, baked, roasted, fried. The milk provides protein, calcium and fat. Milk and potatoes were a subsistence diet for many an Irish family before the potato famine struck.

I do realise that it would be a subsistence diet, and I’m sure I would be craving green things- even brussel sprouts 🙂


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