The Best Advice

There are two pieces of advice which have stayed with me- one from my mum, and the other from a man called Ray.

When you are pregnant, you become a magnet for well-meaning words of advice. Eat this, don’t eat this, drink this, definitely don’t drink that. sleep on your left, put your feet up, sit up straight, and the silliest one of all- rest, because you won’t know what hit you after the baby is born, ha ha ha…

The best advice I received was in my last week of work before going on maternity leave, and speaking to  Ray, an older male colleague. He said the best thing you can do when you get home is to just be by yourselves- you, your husband and your baby and get to know each other as a family. We did and it was a great experience, seeing tiny Baby BG bond with his dad, and Mr BG insist on getting up his son in the middle of the night to play with him. There was also the return to hospital as I was having feeding difficulties and being slightly hysterical with the midwife about putting him on formula, and late nights trying to get him to sleep (he was a very windy baby). The first weeks were crazy, but having Mr BG there with me was what I wanted, and what Baby BG needed.

My mum also gave me heaps of advice about children and babies, but as the years have gone by, they didn’t stick so much as Ray’s did. She would always advise to “Be myself”, which is something I have tried to hold on to throughout my life. It’s not easy though!


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