Pining to run

I’ve been grounded and I hate it.

A recurring injury in my right hip has been diagnosed as bursitis with a tendinopathy in my gluteus minimus- or I have a tear in my tendon on my right hip which is causing inflammation when I undertake activity like running. In some ways I am glad I know what it is, after putting up with it for a long time.

The treatment plan recommended by my physiotherapist involves Pilates to build my core and strengthen my tendon, cortisone injections to alleviate the inflammation, and rest. Eventually I will build up to a stationary bike, and weights, but the rehabilitation program is set to last for 12 weeks. I am at week one, and it was so good to be exercising after a forced break, even if it was stretching and using my core muscles!

However, my plans to run at Run Melbourne (I had signed up for the half marathon, but was looking at completing the 10km) have been pushed aside. I look at the events my running posse are doing with envy. I see people running around the Lake, or up the street and wish I was doing it. Being told I can’t do something only makes it more desirable don’t you think?

I miss moving, I miss my friends and I feel left behind.


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