Doors and windows

2014-06-03 18.33.54

A recent trip to New York saw us visit the Brill Building. My husband Mr BG is a musician and songwriter and visiting the building in which some of the 20th century’s most significant songwriter plied their trade was pretty special. It was a quick snap, taken in between pedestrians hurrying home, and in between rain showers. It’s also quite a rare snap as he doesn’t grin so widely :).

When I think of doors, I think of those that open and show you an opportunity that you may never have known would exist. Heading to the United States this year was one such door, and seeing how happy he is, I am so glad we went through.

wpid-DSCN1859.jpgWindows are not so much something you walk through, but look from, or into. This was my view from a hotel room in Bruges in July 2012. The canal, the bridge, the architecture- I know I’m not in Ballarat anymore. I could sit at our window at any time of the day and see people sitting having a coffee, tourists taking photos, boats on the canal, and people walking or biking over the bridge. Why have a TV if you have a window and a view like this?


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