I just can’t live without…*

Physically? Metaphorically? In a state of passion declare emphatically?

Initially you could look at something like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to determine what you literally cannot live without at the most basic level.

The Physiological needs are everything I need to stay alive- wake up, wee, have breakfast and so on. But there are other things…

Should I look at what makes me happy? Should I look at what puts me into a state of happiness, that state which everyone appears to strive for?

I have a very strong love for bread, and one of my favourite smells is fresh bread from my local bakery. I have however, gone long periods of not eating the stuff in attempts to modify my diet, before coming to the realisation that even if woman can’t live on bread alone, it’s still nice to have.

I remember being plagued by migraines when I was at uni and discussing this with my GP at the time. The advice was to avoid trigger foods, such as chocolate. Noticing my now very woebegone face, the doctor chided, “You know, you can live a life without chocolate!” My reply was, “Yes, but it’s not much of a life!” He’s no longer my GP, but I don’t eat chocolate every day.

I can live without alcohol (pregnancy and breastfeeding definitely put paid to that), cigarettes (never did understand the allure as it tasted horrible), ex boyfriends. I lived without sex for quite a while in my 20’s, but I am glad I don’t have to now!

Beauty in the form of music, art, a child’s smile, the smell of rain coming on a hot summer’s day, a loving look from MrBG- this is what makes life worth living.


*this is an exercise in the @writersbootcmp for July2014, and I am tagging along late!

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