Popping up to Beaufort

Last Saturday, I ventured up to Beaufort with my running posse to visit a pop-up restaurant. I love my running group as we all share two common interests. Running and food. Cynthia, one of our group managed to win two dinners to the restaurant and her husband gallantly stepped aside so she could take one of her friends along, also in the running group. Naturally we all jumped in and headed 30 minutes up the road to Beaufort.

This pop up restaurant is the brain-child of Sara Kittlety, and is offering a great alternative to pub grub and takeaway to the people of Beaufort. There are lots of cafes in Beaufort (it’s a good place to stop between Melbourne and Adelaide), but at night it’s another story.

Last Saturday night’s theme was Mid Winter Feast.

2014-07-02 11.24.20It was truly a yummy feast, with the highlights for me being the polenta (very cheesy) and the roast veg. The salad was quite refreshing acting as a palate cleanser for the courses.

And the craic was good too, with familiar faces amongst the diners- my local cafe owners from Cafe Cornucopia were there, and it was lovely to have a chat with them out of the cafe. (I really love them because they know my order off by heart – a double shot espresso :))

The next theme is Moroccan, which I am keen to try, though my body has decided to succumb to a nasty cold. I will return soon and bring Mr BG, of my personal BG posse!


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