I get around

I am in a motel room, by myself, thinking about putting the kettle on and phoning Mr BG.


This time I am in Brisbane for work, to meet with staff at the Brisbane campus of my uni, and to formally hand over the job in which I was acting to the person who has just returned from parental leave.

I am here because I am moving into a new role, though this is an acting position until the end of the year. My original contract was due to finish at the end of July, so the extension is welcome.

It was around this time last year that I headed up to North Sydney for an interview, was offered a position, got knocked back for leave without pay from my previous employer and decided to take the plunge anyway by resigning. My parents were a bit perplexed as to why I would leave a permanent position to take on a contract.

No position is permanent, and no one is indispensable. I have also learned that when opportunities come up, you embrace them, as you never know what will happen.

I got my life back, by working in Ballarat, and having more time with my family. I am less grumpy, and have more time for them (the house is still a mess, but what the hey). My working environment and colleagues are lovely and professional, and I feel I can make a contribution.

The kettle has boiled and my phone beckons.

Good night xx

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