Ghost Signs in Ballarat

I had no idea that this had a name, but I like the idea of Ghost signs. With a city as old as Ballarat, there are many buildings with previous owners who have left an imprint upon the building. It’s also pretty cool that the vestiges of businesses past have been allowed to remain on the building, as an historic marker.


This was my first ghost sign, it’s a window on the side of a building in Armstrong Street.

Camp Street Ballarat #happy365 #ballarat #2013pad #ghostsigns #offtothehairdresser

This is in Camp Street, where the building is now a nightclub.

Clyde Batteries #ballarat #ghostsigns

Police Lane, which runs between Lydiard Street and Camp Street.

Old Salvation Army chapel Albert Street Ballarat #ghostsigns #ballarat

Albert Street, near the entrance of my gym. The building is now an office for a Victorian Senator and an employment agency.

Doveton Street North,  near Creswick Road roundabout #ballarat #ghostsigns

Doveton Street North, near the roundabout at Creswick Road. The building is now an accountant’s but it was previously the Carriers Arms Hotel. The pub served Melbourne bitter and another beer, Tiger bitter, which is seen faintly underneath the Melbourne Bitter sign.

A more recent one which featured in my Month in the life posts, is this

#ghostsigns #amonthinthelife #ballarat #autumn #campst

I will also hunt them down when I am in other towns, they are another thing to look for!


7 thoughts on “Ghost Signs in Ballarat

  1. Big fan of the ghost signs, and Ballarat, so keep posting them!
    It’s like yarnbombing or street art/stencils…some of it’s so emphemeral…hopefully your ghost signs will remain!

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