Rachel recently described her collection of Teddy Bears in a recent blog post. While I do confess to the odd teddy bear and stuffed toy, I have another collection, which is proudly on display in our kitchen, and is a joint labour of love between myself and MrBG.

Behold our collection of fridge magnets.

2014-05-02 08.13.31

We have them in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are quite useful, with numbers for our dentist, doctor, plumber and handyman/builder. We have some which are large enough for us to insert photos, and some which we have created from Instagram photos.

For the most part though, they are mementoes from places visited.

I remember buying my first fridge magnet in Bath on 1999 on our first overseas holidays. It was five pounds and in a period of a very bad exchange rate ($3 to the pound), not at all cheap.

Since then they have blossomed (bred?), and range from the very functional to the simply decorative. They have taken over the fridge to the extent we have a noticeboard where we place things of note rather than on the fridge.

We have subsets of collections, namely the fridge magnets which also double as bottle openers, a range of Guinness paraphernalia, famous works of art, and photos.

It got out of control admittedly a couple of years ago, when Mr BG decided to take advantage of a strong Australian dollar and a good deal on bulk buys of fridge magnets in Paris. We have a glut of Parisian magnets that I would quite frankly, love to cull. The purchase of magnets on our last trip to the US was monitored as a result, due to the lack of space on the display area. Now I know how museums feel :).



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