The candy taste test

One of the things that the kids requested was lollies from America. There is a great deal of similarity between what is on the candy shelves in a store in New York and what you find on the supermarket shelves here in Australia, so the challenge was to find things that the kids wouldn’t otherwise be used to.

Here is an assessment of the candy. Sadly the photo does not have all the candy tested, as by that stage, some had been woofed up by the family.

I picked these up at random from Liberty Island, with Mr BG asking “why?” I had heard of them and was keen to have the kids try them.Have you ever tasted the plastic that encases electrical wire? No? Well don’t bother, because Twizzlers is it. It was tasteless and hard and altogether yuck. My hopes that it would be similar to licorice were sorely dashed.

To be filed under the never again category.

Hershey’s chocolate-I know that it’s available here quite readily, but we don’t eat it much and I wanted to get it straight front the source, so to speak. We picked a series of Hershey’s miniatures, which included Milk, Dark chocolate, Mr Goodbar, which was chocolate and peanuts and Crispy.

It is strange how chocolate can differ in taste and texture from one country to the next. Even an international brand such as Cadbury tastes different in Australia, the US and the UK. (The UK has the best Cadbury’s) Hershey chocolate isn’t as sweet as the chocolate I am used to The kids aren’t great fans of nuts so I tasted the Mr Goodbar which was quite good.

The Milk chocolate was ok, and I found the Dark chocolate quite enjoyable. I think it’s a case that I am used to milk chocolate being quite sweeter than dark.

We also taste tested Butterfingers- like a peanut crisp encased in milk chocolate- Miss BG wolfed it down and loved it.

M&Ms were also purchased, as Master BG did request these. You could get them in all shapes sizes and flavours, but we didn’t have the room, and I didn’t want to explain to Customs why our luggage smelt like a candy store.

Reeses peanut-milk chocolate bar with a peanut butter centre. I had to fight Mr BG off to get a taste. It has a savoury sweetness that really appealed to him. It’s like the whole salted caramel phenomenon which I don’t really get. But these bars had a creaminess to them, probably supplied by the peanut butter, that was quite appealing.

Are there lollies/candy/sweets that you like or prefer to those you normally find at home when you go overseas?


6 thoughts on “The candy taste test

  1. When we went to Cadbury in Tas the tour lady explained that the variations in choc taste are due to the different sugars (oz=cane; UK=Beet; US=corn). There may also be differences from milk (what did the cow eat?), but the sugar mainly.

  2. When I went to New York, I tried, and loved, the pretzel m&ms…my husband on the other hand, hated them. Did you happen to try them?

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