Bookgrrl about town #blogjune

This post was originally going to be entitled “Take me out to the ball game”, as we were planning on going to see the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

We are sharing an apartment with Scott and Fiona and Scott is a huge fan of baseball. A group of 7 Australians and Gary, a New Yorker, whose house was commandeered for band rehearsal, met outside the Carlyle Hotel to head to the game.

However, the weather turned and it was decided that something else would happen.
In fact several things happened.


We visited the Brill Building, and in between the dozens of pedestrians hurrying home in the rain, snapped a few photos.

We went up to the View Restaurant at The Marriott hotel near Times Square to have a cocktail and check out the view from the revolving deck. We were luckily to catch a glimpse of the Chrysler Building as the sun was setting.


We watched baseball at a bar called Jimmy’s Corner, where heaps of photos and posters of boxers and celebrities adorned the walls. Eight of us were squeezed around a table drinking beer, and listening to jazz. It would have been the type of place I would have never even ventured into without someone with “the knowledge”

We saw the Bladerunner-esque Times Square en route to the subway.

We had Indian for dinner at 10.30 pm at a restaurant called Panna II on the lower East Side, where it was lit up like a Christmas tree. I recommend the Balti beef!

We then walked around the corner to our final stop, a bar that was a hangout for college students in the fifties and the decor had never changed. The wooden floors were creaky, and the air smelt of stale beer and popcorn.

My phone had died, so sadly no photos, but take my word, it was a place of character.

Oh what a night!


11 thoughts on “Bookgrrl about town #blogjune

  1. And where was King Kong? That is the second photo of the Chrysler building in the skyline but no big besties in sight!

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