Brooklyn Flea Market #blogjune

The opshop gods surely smiled upon me and granted me a flea market 3 blocks from our apartment. Or maybe it was simply the excellent planning of our room mates Fiona and Scott who found the apartment through airbnb :).

There are many sites for the Brooklyn Flea Market,  some undercover and some in the open air.  This was at a nearby school in their grounds,  and it was amazing.


Danish Modern abounded,  and the quality was incredible.

The clothes were also great stuff, with decades from the fifties onwards well represenred.
I picked up a couple of things that will be able to be squeezed into my bag including a shirt for Mr BG, a surprise for Miss BG and a great tote.
The food was also great, including the most amazing donuts from Dough. Take my word that the lemon poppyseed glazed donuts were the best we tasted!
The local school had a bake sale to support their basketball team, and the Congregational church across the street had a couple of stalls and was selling soul food to locals.

One thing I did notice was the clientele of the market. It was very Caucasian, and middle class. Some of the stall holders were people of colour, but it was a very white crowd. Given the diversity of the neighbourhood in which the market was held, the flea market was a bit incongruous. It did reflect the increasing gentrification of the neighbourhood, which often comes at the cost of the incumbent residents who are gradually pushed out by rising rents.


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