Passport to Brooklyn

It’s the first day of June, the first day of #blogjune.

It is hard to encapsulate Brooklyn, as there are so many moods and aspects to it, but here goes.

On my way to get coffee (there is a tendency to overheat the milk when asking for a latte, but the local coffee shop does a good espresso)


Visiting the library and checking out what’s inside.

The inside is a bit traditional though…
Playgrounds are aplenty, and there are kids everywhere. Not just now, it was school time!

The kids are gorgeous and friendly and will ask you your name in a cute New York accent. Hello to Scarlett whom I met in a shop while she was playing amongst the clothing racks.

You can be in the midst of the city and still find something straight out of Ferris Bueller.


Gary had let Bart and Friends rehearse at his house and fed us bagels, coffee and organized a grill on his side porch. Jeremy managed the grilling.

Girls in cute dresses and cuter bags:-).


The real estate windows are always fun to look at :).


And the view is pretty cool too. xxx

4 thoughts on “Passport to Brooklyn

  1. Thanks for this look at Brooklyn! I’m envious πŸ˜‰ One day will make that long flight there.
    I also looked up Bart’s music cos I was curious, its great I must say.

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