Let’s go to the Met

We all slept in, so we started a little late heading to the Met.

We had bought the New York Pass with a travel voucher we had received through our flights, which helped us in that we did not have to queue- always a bonus. 🙂

The Met is HUGE and crammed with antiquities, and artwork galore. As always, it is an amazing space.


Because of the limited time, we really limited ourselves to a few areas. Their 19th century European art collection is very impressive, as it is rare to walk into a room of Matisse paintings. So too is their Egyptian collection. But what I really enjoyed was their American collection.
Seeing “Washington crossing the Delaware” blew me away and the portraiture of John Singer Sargeant and Mary Cassatt were really good.

We used the audio guides, mainly as we had had a good experience with them previously. They were good and easy to use, but the amount of artworks which had additional information available through the audio guide was limited.

Some of the paintings had audio material available aimed at a younger audience. “The Horse Fair” painted by a woman was one such painting with a narrative aimed at an adult and a younger audience. As we were sitting listening and looking, a school group sat down in front with a tour guide. She was excellent and proceeded to explain the painting, pointing out salient features.
It was wonderful to see the schoolkids so engaged.

We farewelled the Met and headed downtown, crossing Madison Avenue(!) and Park Avenue(!) to get to the subway.

Grand Central Station was awe inspiring, but we were on a mission to the New York Public Library. This was number one on my list of places to visitin New York. There was a great exhibition depicting the emergence of children’s literature, with much of the pieces derived from the collection. E L Tavers umbrella with a parrot handle, collages from Eric Carle and sketches from the author of Madeleine, Frederick Bemelmans.

I really wanted to visit the reading room, but it was temporarily closed due to a building inspection – what the???
I asked the lady at the Information desk regarding how long the closure was for. She said with a smile pasted on her face, “I dont know”. Helpful not. Note to NYPL, please provide someone at information who can provide some USEFUL INFORMATION.

I was bummed out. It was like going to Paris and discovering that all the museums were on strike (and I know, because that happened to me the first time I went to Paris).

Luckily, I have a week and hopefully the situation improves. In the meantime, I made the acquaintance of a couple of lions.


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