Rock the Castro

Our final day in San Francisco was spent at Pier 39 (fun), Fishermans Wharf (tacky) and the Musee Mecanique (free entry, but bring plenty of quarters to play the old slot machines.)
We shopped, taking advantage of insane Memorial Day sales (40% off at Gap!) and headed back to our apartment to pack. We had some excellent Thai from a restaurant across the street and retired early.

I am really glad that Mr BG chose the Castro district- it was close to Market Street, lots of different types of public transport and it was quiet!

Our host Mick drove us to the airport,  heading to the Noe Valley, another place to have visited!

The flight to New York wasn’t too bad. I slept a lot during the flight, waking up occasionally to see where we were on the map. We saw snow capped miuntains in Colorado, farms in South Dakota, and lots of urban sprawl as we headed to New York.

Touching down after circling JFK, I was excited. Finally here! Just had to get off the plane, pick up our luggage and get a taxi.

As per usual, our luggage made it off the plane before us- in fact I saw it trundle down the conveyor belt while we were waiting at the back of the plane to disembark :).

The taxi ride was an adventure that could only happen in New York. Heading on the expressway to our accommodation, the taxi driver asked us, “How do you want me to get to your place? ” We said, “Whichever way is easiest”. “No,” he replied, “How DO you get there?”
After we had to call our host, who very helpfully provided directions to the taxi driver, the taxi driver settled back, proceeded to conduct a conference call in a French patois, all the while smoking and whizzing through some very insalubrious neighbourhoods.
Welcome to New York!


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