On yer bike!

Apart from feeling a tad thirsty this morning, I was not feeling the effects of last night’s festivities. Roadworks outside our apartment prevented us from sleeping in,  and we were up and out just after 9.
We were on our way to Golden Gate Park and headed for the bus stop.  One thing I have noticed is that there are a lot more hybrid cars on the roads (our taxi from the airport was a Prius) and the buses are as well. In fact they are connected to overhead wires, which makes them feel like trams!  As they are connected to wires,  they tend to travel on straight routes.
We walked through Haight Ashbury,  stopping at a vintage store for a jacket.  It was brisk and quite overcast.  It was a bit early for  most of the shops to be open around 10, and the psychedelic colours seemed somewhat muted on this grey day.
We arrived at the park and Mr BG surprised me by deciding to HIRE A BIKE. He is more comfortable walking than riding,  but Golden Gate Park is huge and the best way to see it was with some form of vehicle.


It was so much fun, and a little naughty as we were riding without helmets. We visited the Japanese Tea Garden, which was an oasis within an oasis.
It was gorgeous just to wander about this well tended farden.
The Golden Gate Park also has a field of bison (buffalo). They looked a bit bored , but it was a little hard to take a photo when a large group of Segway riders were shooting past!

We eventually were successful:)

Having reached the end of the park, we rode up to Cliff House for lunch and looked out on to the Pacific Ocean.

We returned the bikes, with Mr BG remarking that riding across the Golden Gate Bridge was indeed doable. Wonders will never cease!

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